Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sometimes I don't know why people are so mean. Really, I don't understand bullies. It is like their job is to make people feel bad. They have nothing do but bully. I never let them get to me because I believe that they are hurting inside and they want to spread it ( make others feel bad too). For those who are being bullied, don't let them make you feel bad. 

Once, a girl bullied me and said: "You know you talk a lot, right?"  
I said sorry. Then she looked at her friend, giving her a she is totally crazy look, laughed and walked away. I  knew why I said sorry. I said sorry because I meant I am so sorry that she is so insecure about herself and that she is so jealous of me that is why she was trying to make me feel bad.

So please, if you are being bullied don't take them seriously. 
"If people are tring to bring you down, It only means that you are above them"