Friday, February 21, 2014

Hijab: my freedom

Well, Its been a while. I haven't really had time to write a lot of stuff on my blog; but i kept a diary all this while. Its just a nice feeling to write. Its just a wonderful thing for me. Well, I've been so busy with school work. I've been trying to get more distinctions so i can graduate with honors INSHAALLAH. Oh, almost forgot to say that I'm Muslim and I'm proud. What hurts most is that people act like they accept you for being Muslim and all but deep down you know they are just being fake. It's just not fair that they don't accept you for who you are. I know I would never give up my Hijab or my religion for anything but it just hurts that some people are racist. I know that in life there will always be haters no matter how much they are but a part of me wishes that that fact was not true. Some people at school are always asking why I have this scarf on my head; i reply that it is not just a scarf but it signifies a veil on my heart. They ask me why, why did I chose to do it and I say that I just saw hijabis and say their modesty and I just loved it. I love the independence and how unique I feel. I feel like I'm on the right path thats why when people stop me on the street telling me that I look nice in the hijab, I say  it is not me, its the hijab. Sometimes, I get really overwhelmed when some close friends of mine become hijabis and tell me they did it because I inspire them, I feel like I'm helping people get on the right path and because I'm Muslim doesn't mean I act racist towards people of other religions; my best friend is a christian and we respect each other's faith and we also teach each other things from our religions and I have many other cousins and friends who are Hindus, Jews and Christians. The bottom line is that I just want a world free of racist people a world with 100% human rights.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sometimes I don't know why people are so mean. Really, I don't understand bullies. It is like their job is to make people feel bad. They have nothing do but bully. I never let them get to me because I believe that they are hurting inside and they want to spread it ( make others feel bad too). For those who are being bullied, don't let them make you feel bad. 

Once, a girl bullied me and said: "You know you talk a lot, right?"  
I said sorry. Then she looked at her friend, giving her a she is totally crazy look, laughed and walked away. I  knew why I said sorry. I said sorry because I meant I am so sorry that she is so insecure about herself and that she is so jealous of me that is why she was trying to make me feel bad.

So please, if you are being bullied don't take them seriously. 
"If people are tring to bring you down, It only means that you are above them"